Star Kids Rock
Superhero Game app for iPhone and iPad

Being a superhero is exciting, no doubt about it! You get to wear a cool costume, use extraordinary superhuman powers, and fight crime! Living a life dedicated to protecting the planet while using your powers to counter day-to-day crimes can be full of many thrilling adventures. The planet is in crisis and needs your help. Will you join us and help neutralize toxic bubbles in the atmosphere, retrieve vital medical supplies, return endangered eggs to the zoo and help fix satellite pieces to complete the global mission of saving the planet? Surely someone's got to take care of our earth and restore mother nature back to balance. Can you help?

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About Star Kids

Star Kids Rock - Team

Star Kids is a realistic Superhero 3D Flying game that is challenging enough for adults, easy to use for kids and even a toddler can keep busy with the continuous practice mode.  This family friendly action arcade and simulation game will give you the feeling of flight, with all the speed and maneuvering you would expect if you were a superhero.

With the accelerometer setting, you can hold out your arms and make the flying more virtual.  With the joystick setting, you more easily play on a table top.  You can speed up or slow down the flight and during the mission mode, you’ll be able to collect certain objects, while avoiding others that will drain your energy field. To check out the “key features” of what you can expect from the Star Kids game, click here.

Game Demonstration and Instructions

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